It has been six months since I took a long walk.  Only when I go outdoors and walk for more than hour, then it is a long walk.  It is always a unique experience and I get a unique feeling of high.  My thoughts become clear and life gets going easy.

Why did I start walking again?

I have started feeling some of the symptoms explained in the blog by the Physeek Team on obesity.  Thanks to Dr. Ganesh Raja for his inspiration and I liked his instagram handle name – thewayfarerexplorer.

I was feeling sluggish.  I was no more active.  I had a bad feeling that something was not happening right. 

When I woke up today at my usual time, 10:00 AM, I did not feel refreshed.  I just wore my slippers and stepped out with a mask.

I didn’t know which way to go.  I was thirsty and hungry.  I wanted to drink some refreshing juice and eat something nice.  I headed towards HRBR layout, expecting to reach the Corner House – ice cream shop.

The roads were empty, no shops were open to buy water/juice in my route.  I finally reached the destination, only to find that it is open but there was no dine-in.  I walked away and found Belgium Waffles.  I ordered a honey waffle with vanilla ice cream.  It was delicious and that made my day.

On my return, I realized that my legs started aching and I was feeling tired.  I was also getting late for my work.  I was constantly checking my watch for my steps count, distance, calories and time spent.  I was reading and responding to WhatsApp messages and finally made it to my home.  I took a good bath and felt refreshed.

I always feel that walking should not have a destination and I should not be in hurry.  I just want to explore something faraway.

Thanks for reading my blog.  Have a nice day.