A startup is an experimental journey. It is tough. Every thought seems like a big idea, and it is very easy to fail. The only factor that works here is to be consistent in making experiments and keep narrowing down until one finds the perfect fit.

This internal journey is what I have been going through for the last year. Yes, the first health and fitness community I created was on 14th June 2020. Four friends got together to do something different and founded a Facebook Group on this day one year ago. Our tagline was “Be Healthy and Be Strong.” This statement will stay relevant forever.

I joined the Micro-accelerator program with FoundershipHQ and Draper Startup House in May 2021. I had a hope to understand how to reach out to my audience. I was not wrong. The experience that I got is priceless! I ended up changing my customer segment. More importantly, I started thinking about how a customer would think. What is their problem, and how will my product fit in. This thought was always in my mind, but it was never on top of my mind.

Now that I have clarity on the customer segment and their problem, the next task I have is to reach out to them and start the business. It sounds very simple until I got a challenge from the Foundership team to go and get the first 100 customers. It is not easy as one would imagine.

I had to create value for my customer and then reach out to them. Bringing people down the funnel from the target market to the people who show interest until the people become our customers is a new journey. Setting up this sales funnel is the challenge I face now, and I am working on it. I believe this is the challenge faced by every new businessman or startup founder.

So, now I accept this challenge and work towards winning it.

If anyone of you are at a very beginning stage of the startup idea and need guidance and help from the experienced founders, you can reach out to FoundershipHQ on their website.

Follow my blog for updates on my journey. Have a nice day!