Challenge Accepted!

A startup is an experimental journey. It is tough. Every thought seems like a big idea, and it is very easy to fail. The only factor that works here is to be consistent in making experiments and keep narrowing down until one finds the perfect fit. This internal journey is what I have been going […]

What did we eat before the fire was discovered?

It was the 8th of June in 2015 and I was waiting outside the labor room at St. John’s Hospital in Koramangala.  My wife had slapped a nurse earlier and I was terribly worried.  The labor room was fully occupied and my wife waited for her turn while screaming in pain due to intense contractions. […]

The Faraway Explorer

It has been six months since I took a long walk.  Only when I go outdoors and walk for more than hour, then it is a long walk.  It is always a unique experience and I get a unique feeling of high.  My thoughts become clear and life gets going easy. Why did I start […]

The Fear… The Fire… The Passion…

“It was 1 am. My heart was hammering in my chest. I could feel the sweat dribbling down my face. A sharp pain pierced through my chest. Was it a heart attack? The panic wouldn’t let me think.   I was doubtful if I would wake up in the morning.   I did wake up.   …and my life […]

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