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Hello, I am Rajkumar Neelappa. I am here to tell my story.

Dr. Rajkumar (Actor)

I was born in 1982. I was originally named as Arun Kumar. But my Dad had different name and decided to change it to Rajkumar. He wanted his son to be a good and noble man. Very much similar to the Kannada Superstar, an Icon and a great Leader as what we him know today. Dr. Rajkumar was the reason for unifying the entire Karnataka as part of Gokak agitation which was happening at the same time when I was born.

As an individual, I am not linguistic. I am also not that guy who prays GOD. I don’t read news, and I don’t follow politics. I am a simple layman. I started my journey as a software engineer and I am working in Bangalore as a Deputy Manager in one of the biggest Scientific Company from Europe.

I do not have any credential to be Dr. Rajkumar. I don’t even look like him. If you don’t believe me. This my picture. I am in the middle of my parents. The proud first son of my family.

Neelappa Gurappa Rugi, Rajkumar, Mallamma

I have a brother – Praveen Kumar Neelappa and a sister – Preethi Neelappa.

Preethi, Praveen & Rajkumar

I was an average student in my school days. Something changed one day when I was studying in the middle school. I was bullied by a group of big boys. My Dad decided that I should learn Karate.

My Karate master believed in my techniques and eventually I won Bronze in one of the National Level Karate Championship organized by a private association. My confidence was boosted. My school marks increased and I was one among the toppers of the School.

I studied my PUC in SB College, Gulbarga, Karnataka. I wanted to become Doctor and I was able to crack the Common Entrance Test (CET) with a very good rank.

Photo shared in the SB Product WhatsApp group

I remember my mom gifted a golden color Titan watch as a gift, because I was about to become a Doctor.

But taking up a noble profession was not in my fate. I used to regularly visit the public library in Indiranagar, Bangalore. Few troubled MBBS students gave me an advice. Becoming Doctor is not only expensive but it takes lots of time and practice. If possible, becoming an Engineer is a better option was the message.

I changed my mind and joined one of the Premier Institute of India as an Engineering Student. Today, I am a proud ex-NITKian from 2004 Batch.

My college name is National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal. I am proud to say that our college has a beach and a light house.

By Electronixid at English Wikipedia. Later version was uploaded by Kensplanet at en.wikipedia. – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons., Public Domain,
By Pranavjee – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

I decided to work and earn money to support my family. I started as a Java Developer in Siemens Information Systems Limited and I have worked in different companies like Exeter Group, IBM India, Capgemini and HP GlobalSoft. Now I am working as a Support Manager for an internal Product by Eurofins India IT Solutions.


I married Divya in 2011 and we are eagerly waiting to celebrate the decade anniversary of togetherness. We have two boys – Dheeraj & Goutham. They are smart, intelligent and also naughty.

In this website, I will be writing some interesting stories and passions of my life.


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